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Artemis Publishing

Establish date: 2003
Contact person:
Burcu Öcalgil

Artemis Publishing was founded under the roof of Alfa Publishing Group in 2003. Starting its journey with fantastic fiction, Artemis continued with
adding other genres along its way. Artemis is today on the bookshelves of  many readers with its printed 2000 books in the areas of fantastic fiction,  nonfiction, romantic comedy, detective stories, classical fiction, young
adult and children’s books.
Imprint of Alfa Publishing Group

Young Adult Books

The Secret Diary of A Teenage Girl ( 12 Book Series)


The first excitements, fears, and confrontations of youth… Serra is a 15-year-old teenage girl. She has to confront life as her parents decide to divorce. Serra’s safe world is about to fall down. rebellion, uncertainty, and desperation replace the protective family environment. Being a teenager is not like how she used to dream about. Until she starts writing. Her journal becomes her dearest friend, companion, a safe place to take shelter in. Unforgettable friendships, the sweet excitements of first love are also one of the surprises of her new coming age. Sharing the secret thoughts in the depths of her heart with all the sincerity and innocence of a young girl, The diary of A Teenage Girl has become a guide to all of Serra’s peers for generations and will continue to be …

Keywords: youth, friendship, family bonds, first love, vacation memories

1. Secret diary of A Teenage Girl
2. Between Friends
3. On your Own Feet
4. To Life Step By Step
5. It’s Life !
6. It’s Time For a Wedding Now
7. Life continues
8. As days Go By
9. What If you didn’t Exist
10. As All Pieces Falling Into Place
11. After All These years
12. Where Were We?

500.000+ copies sold
119th edition

13,5 x 21 cm



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